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Technical and production services


JEG Productions has taken on many different projects over the years covering many different areas of art, performance and live events. Please continue reading below for a selection of those varied jobs and an insight as to what JEG Productions could bring to your project.

Production Management

Production managers are those who are responsible for overseeing all the technical aspects of a production, often this involves liaising with various other departments (lighting, sound, video etc), holding budgets for technical work and writing risk assessments to ensure work happens safely. JEG Productions has offered production management services for a number of years and spans areas like theatre and stage productions, outdoor art installations and live music. Some past examples of production management work undertaken include:

D-Day 75 was a large-scale professional and community collaboration showing some of the history of D-Day from those who served at the ex USAF airbase at Greenham near Newbury. JEG Productions provided production management services and organised the large team to safely deliver the first ever public performance at 101 Outdoor Arts which is now located at the Greenham site. Produced in collaboration between Corn Exchange Newbury and Greenham Trust.
Click here to view D-Day 75 on YouTube

Ring Out is a nationally touring large-scale set of sonic sculptures by sound artist Ray Lee. Ring Out conjures up nostalgic imagery of the sea, bell ringing and 1950s sci-fi. JEG Productions has provided production management when the piece was on show.
Click here to view Ring Out on YouTube

Production management requires knowledge of many technical subject areas and JEG Productions is able to bring years of experience to that role. Please get in contact if you require production management services for your next project.

Live Sound Engineering

Music and live sound are a passion at JEG Productions and every performance, event and show is always delivered with the same quality - no matter the size. Able to deliver all aspects of live sound from system engineering and front of house for live music, to on stage monitoring and recording for conferencing and live-streaming, JEG Productions' roots are in sound.

Saint Etienne are a cult classic British pop trio founded in 1990 comprised of Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell and have been working closely with JEG Productions since 2016. Across the launches of their albums Home Counties (Heavenly, 2017) and I've Been Trying To Tell You (Heavenly, 2021) and multiple European and North American tours, JEG Productions has provided live sound engineering, lighting operation and video projection skills and equipment.

Bands and Festivals are a mainstay of live music events and JEG Productions has ongoing relationships with a large number of events, organisations and performers. Some selected recent highlights include working with Pete Gow (formerly of Case Hardin) on his shows promoting the release of Here There's No Sirens (Clubhouse, 2019), Bennett Wilson Poole UK Americana Awards 2019 winners - UK Artist of the Year. Festivals include Cheltenham Jazz Festival where JEG Productions provides stage management to the Henry Weston Bigtop - working directly the BBC as well as with artists such as Jamie Cullum, Gregory Porter and Level 42, Hertfordshire Jazz Festival, Truck Festival and Wood Festival.

Experimental music and sound-art as well as presenting sound in a more unique and different way is a field that JEG Productions has an extensive experience of working within. Contemporary classical work, electro-acoustic recordings and sound diffusion into non-performative spaces are all included in a long history covering over a decade. Through close collaborations with organisations such as The Sonic Art Research Unit, Oxford Contemporary Music and Sound UK as well as with artists like Gwyneth Herbert, Sam Lee and Terje Insungset; JEG Productions has you covered.

Theatre and Performance

Theatre, including drama, dance, performance art and new works always offer new and thought provoking ways of applying technical skills to situations that often require nuance and a light touch. JEG Productions has provided services in this field for many years and continues to service the needs of performers and theatre companies across the UK.

Touring is the best way to ensure a piece is seen by the most people possible but also necessitates a great deal of organisation and planning. Moving set, people and technical equipment to a different location or venue - sometimes each day - is always challenging, luckily JEG Productions is well versed in touring small and mid-scale work both nationally and internationally. Highlighted prior experience includes: Paines Plough's Roundabout, technical and venue management - touring UK 2015 (including The Human Ear, Lungs, Our Teacher's a Troll and The Initiate in rep), The Incident (Joakim Daun), production management and lighting design - touring South Africa 2018 and Castaways (Mandala Theatre Company), lighting design - touring UK 2018.

Lighting Design can be one of the most effective ways to help bring a piece of performance to life and is one of the immediately eye-catching parts of a show to the audience. To that end JEG Productions offers full lighting design solutions including producing professional plans, handling re-lights for touring shows and programming and operation of lighting consoles. A specialist knowledge is held in the use of the ETC Eos line of consoles and software as well as experience using consoles by Avolites, GrandMA and Chamsys. Past highlights include: Suddenly A Star (2021) The Story Museum, lighting design; Night Light (2016) and Castaways (2018) Mandala Theatre Company, lighting design; Robinson Crusoe (2016) The Theatre Chipping Norton, programming (LD John Bishop); and Cinderella (2016) Creation Theatre Company, programming.

Young People and Community projects are an important part of bringing theatre and performance to those who are perhaps normally not involved with the arts. Experience in this area is reinforced by four years of venue technician experience at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford as well as working with many other youth an community arts groups and organisations such as: Tac-au-Tac Dance Theatre, Dancin' Oxford and Henley Youth Festival

Outdoor Arts

Performances outside involve taking theatre and performance out of the confines of a normal stage and bringing them directly to an audience in the great outdoors. Whether on a high street, in a field or on a beach, JEG Productions has years of experience in making it happen. Contending with many unpredictable variables and with none of the normal safety nets of working indoors, specific case studies are as follows:

101 Outdoor Arts is a one-of-a-kind creation and maker space based at Greenham Business Park near Newbury. With a strong ties to organisations like Outdoor Arts UK, Corn Exchange Newbury and Without Walls, 101 helps and supports artists create work in an atmosphere that makes creativity easy. JEG Productions has a strong relationship with 101 Outdoor Arts and has been involved with many companies whilst they have spent time there: R&D period (2019), Wildworks Theatre Company, production management; Into The Forest (2018) Darren Johnston, lighting support; and Furious Folly (2014) Mark Anderson, sound support.

Ray Lee is an internationally renowned artist and creator of kinaesthetic sculptures and machines which all either generate, control or emit sound. Ray has been a major client for JEG Productions since 2016 and as such JEG Productions has had a large involvement in some of his recent pieces. Points of Departure (2021), Brighton Festival - a month long installation of nightly sonic promenade performances as towering structures, obelisks and robots emit their electronic siren songs over Shoreham Port and into the night. Production management, lighting design and additional electronics and fabrication by JEG Productions. Ring Out (2017 - Present, touring) - electronic sounds are produced as a team of workers swing imposing aluminium bells ever higher. Production management and additional electronics and fabrication provided by JEG Productions. Congregation (2019 - Present, touring) - guests must keep their spheres happy as they are guided through the streets of their city to an unknown location. Electronics and additional support by JEG Productions. Visit his website here.

Colony is a piece originally conceived by Mike Blow and Alison Ballard and produced by Hogarth Productions, and invites an audience to reach out and touch sound directly as it is produced inside large inflated spheres. JEG Productions has toured with the piece providing technical support since 2017 and in 2018 re-imagined the internal electronics, enabling the work to continue touring into the future.

Other notable experience includes UNBOSI Marble Awareness Roadshow (2021, Bureau of Silly Ideas), technical support; Voice Park (2018, ASWARM), production management and technical support; 451 in South Korea (2018, Periplum), live sound operation; and Audible Forces (2013, OCM), technical support.

Museums, Galleries and Installations

Work in this sector requires precision, a keen eye for detail and patience, whether hanging traditional framed works or installing sculpture, video or audio pieces, JEG Productions has the experience required to ensure that the artist is happy and that work is completed on time and in budget. Highlighted case studies are as follows:

The Story Museum in Oxford has recently completed their "Chapter Two" refurbishment - a multi-million pound project part funded by Arts Council England to completely reimagine the long standing museum based in the city centre - and JEG Productions has played an extensive and major role in seeing that project through. As Technical Design Lead on a large number of the galleries, JEG Productions has been at the forefront of technically recreating Narnia, Pooh-sticks Bridge and Horrid Henry's bedroom among other immersive spaces. The work to bring the classic children's picture book The Snowman to life in a wrap-around, interactive video exhibit was described as a "visual coup" by The Times (Andrew Billen, 26th October 2020) and other elements of this work have been featured live on BBC Breakfast. Alongside the original remit, JEG Productions also specified and installed the technical equipment for The Woodshed, a new 100 seat studio theatre at the museum. JEG Productions returned to the museum in 2021 to work on the design, build and delivery of all technical elements for the Book of Hopes (2021, Bloomsbury) temporary exhibition; an interactive and multisensory exhibition with many buttons, sounds and lights to explore.

Audiograft is a long running experimental music and sound-art festival held in Oxford and in association with Oxford Brookes University. For a number of years JEG Productions has been responsible for the delivery of all installations and exhibiting artists at the festival. Diffusing sound simultaneously into wireless headphones and a disused car park, vibrating towers of foam bricks and delicate 3D printed shapes telling stories have all been successfully installed in previous years. Artists include: Yann Leguay, Davide Tidoni, Kathy Hinde and Zimoun. Additionally to this in 2018 JEG Productions was asked to production manage Get Some Chalk on Your Boots, a new temporary sound-art exhibition which explored the sounds of football. This involved designing and overseeing the construction of an isolated screening room for G. D. Parada (2017, Duncan Whitley) a film with accompanying spatial soundtrack.

Design, Build and Repair

With an extensive history of delivering designs and builds of all types and working closely with fabricators, artists and makers, JEG Productions is a great choice when it comes to creating a design that works for your projector event.

Interactives can really make an exhibit come to life. Buttons to press, lights to switch on, playing sounds and videos and triggering upon audience actions using the latest electronics and software are just some of the ways in which JEG Productions can become part of your exhibition. Talking drainpipes, colour changing sheds and an interactive radio were created as part of the Book of Hopes (2021, Bloomsbury) temporary exhibition at The Story Museum, Oxford. Flicking through the songbook of hardcore Italian football fanatics in the piece Ultras Karaoke (2018, Davide Tidoni) was made possible with creative electronics and software created by JEG Productions.

Electronics creation and repair as part of new design or just general maintenance is another facet of JEG Productions' output. Whether repairing an amplifier or lighting unit or creating new creative electronics to drive art and sculpture or interactive design there will always be a way in which we can help your project.

Set construction and general carpentry is an important part of delivering the physical aspect of both theatre performance and art installations. A very strong working knowledge of materials, tooling and standard practice enables JEG Productions to deliver professional drawings and designs for your project, either for construction by another builder or to be built in house, scale allowing.

Web Development

With more than a passing ability in coding and web development, JEG Productions has experience in delivering digital projects - including this very website! Fully coded by hand and experimenting with new web technologies, JEG Productions has created the following auto-generative compositional pieces in collaboration with Failbetter Productions, Warwick University and Kieran Lucas. The random or pseudo-random pieces are ever evolving and never the same twice.

Found Sound x Cycling (2021) is a piece based on the rhythms and mathematical patterns involved with riding a bike and uses samples from the National Cycle Archive. Sound by Kieran Lucas, site coding and design by JEG Productions.

Found Sound Coventry (2020) was initially diffused as a live piece in the crypts of Coventry Cathedral and was latterly developed into a digital work. Soundings of the cathedral are interspersed with recordings of war poetry and the history of the cathedral that rose from the ashes. Sound by Kieran Lucas, site coding and design by JEG Productions.

End/Lessness (2017). Lessness by Samuel Beckett is a performance comprised of sixty sentences to be recited in a random order where each order should never be recreated. This digital version of the piece was produced to create and endless Lessness as the 60! (60x59x58 ... x2x1) possible combinations would take more time than there are atoms in the universe to play back. Site coding and design by JEG Productions.