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A selection of photos from events, shows and productions that JEG Productions has been involved with. All images copyright JEG Productions unless otherwise attributed. Click or tap a photo for more information!

Preparing for a show at The Sage, Gateshead. 2019.<br>Live sound and video from JEG Productions.
Sage, Gateshead
Ray Lee's 'Chorus' being performed in London, 2017.<br>Technical support from JEG Productions.
Amplifier modules being produced to run outdoor art piece 'Colony'. Bespoke design and manufacturing.<br>Design and build by JEG Productions.
Ray Lee's 'Ring Out', huge rotating cones flood Newbury market square with sound, 2017.<br>Production management and additional build by JEG Productions.
Ring Out
Speakers and microphones hanging as part of an art installation by Harriet Butler MA at Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading 2018<br>Build and technical support from JEG Productions.
Speakers and Mics
Folk dance band The Hey Down Treaders become the first ever live music act to perform inside Paines Plough's Roundabout theatre. Kendal, 2015<br>Technical stage management by JEG Productions.
Hey Down Treaders
Georgie Fame performing at Hertfordshire Jazz Festival 2018<br>On-stage monitoring by JEG Productions.
Georgie Fame
Roundabout is a portable theatre, holding over 200 people Roundabout can take theatre to wherever it needs to go. Southbank Centre, 2015<br>Technical stage management by JEG Productions.
Gregory Porter performing in the big top at the 2017 Cheltenham Jazz Festival.<br>Stage management by JEG Productions.
Gregory Porter
Ticker tape streams down as productions in Woolwich town square draw to a close. 2019.<br>Live sound from JEG Productions.
Woolwich Festival
A boy is driven to attack his social worker with a knife. Mandala Theatre Company's show 'Night Light' attempted to show what happens to an young person from an ethnic minority in the UK feels excluded from society due to his race. Tara Theatre, London, 2016<br>Lighting design and production management from JEG Productions.
Get off me!
Street artists performing as part of The City of London's 'Blue Light Day' 2019.<br>Sound by JEG Productions.
Suit you sir
'Castaways' by Mandala Theatre Company, a show that explores themes of identity, race and belonging for three friends trying to grow up in a difficult world. Nationally touring in 2018<br>Lighting design from JEG Productions.
2000 audience members are engulfed in smoke as part of Mark Anderson's 'Furious Folly' an immersive piece of large scale theatre exposing the harrowing follies of war. Produced as part of the 14-18 Now commission. Oxford, 2016<br>Technical support from JEG Productions.
Tactile sonic sculpture 'Colony' by Mike Blow and Alison Ballard lets people interact with sound in a new way - through touch. Exhibited as part of the 2019 Henley Festival.<br>Technical support and build by JEG Productions.
Colony at Henley
'Speaker Swinging' a piece by Canadian artist Gordon Monahan performed as part of the Audiograft sonic art festival in 2016.<br>Technical support from JEG Productions.
Speaker Swinging
UK Americana Awards best album winners, Bennett Wilson Poole performing at King's Place Theatre, London. 2018.<br>Live sound by JEG Productions.
Bennett Wilson Poole
'Siren' by Ray Lee. Aluminium arms emitting tones rotate a varied speeds atop metal tripods as Ray plays the theremin. Performed as part of the Audiograft sonic art festival, 2016<br>Technical support from JEG Productions.
90s pop group Saint Etienne headline the opening night of 2017's Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona.<br>Lighting and AV by JEG Productions.
Primavera Sound
Saint Etienne perform Tiger Bay to a sell out audience at The Barbican in London accompanied by the London Concert Orchestra as part of their 2019 Tiger Bay anniversary tour.<br>Live sound and video by JEG Productions.
The Barbican
The set for Cokethorpe School's 2019 production of 'The Crucible' stands ready for the next performance.<br>Lighting design by JEG Productions.
The Crucible
Performing as part of the Dancin' Oxford festival 2015, French group Compagnie Retouramont perform their aerial dance and video piece 'Gravitational Waves'.<br>Technical support, LX rigging and additional build by JEG Productions.
Gravitational Waves
For her seventh album, Gwyneth Herbert embarked on an ambitious live show of music, film and storytelling, UK tour 2018.<br>AV programming and operation by JEG Productions.
Gwyneth Herbert
'Fahrenheit 451' by Ray Bradbury and created as a large scale outdoor theatre show by Periplum a breathtaking spectacular of fire and sound, Uijeongbu Arts Festival, South Korea 2018<br>Live sound from JEG Productions.
Books are banned
Audience members explore an abandoned car park while manipulated recordings of the space are played back though wireless headsets and loudspeakers, 2019.<br>Sound and technical support from JEG Productions.
Sonic spaces
Voice Park and Project VEAR are the brainchild of artist collective, Aswarm. An interactive sonic sculpture that captures the voices of a city and then invites audience to listen back to their own city's voice. 2018<br>Technical management from JEG Productions.
Voice Park
Pee Wee Ellis and China Moses performing as part of 'Funk: A Musical Revolution' tour, Nottingham 2019.<br>On-stage monitoring by JEG Productions.
Pee Wee Ellis
The Magic Numbers performing at the 2017 Wood Festival.<br>Stage management by JEG Productions.
The Magic Numbers
Fully bespoke flightcase solution for a street performer. Complete with fold out table, amp cabinet, power inverter, battery and storage for merchandise. Varnished birch ply. 2016<br>Manufactured by JEG Productions.
Bespoke Flightcase
Saint Etienne performing at The Filmore, San Francisco as part of their 2017 US tour.<br>Lighting by JEG Productions.
Saint Etienne
A panel discussion underway in Johannesburg, South Africa after a performance of 'The Incident' by Joakim Daun<br>Production management and AV design by JEG Productions.
Audience Feedback